To celebrate Earth Day 2015, our website is now live!

Deconstructing Paris is home to analysis on and around the draft negotiating text for COP21  the UNFCCC conference occurring this December in Paris. The aim of this conference is to reach agreement between 197 states on how to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020, but can it achieve this? Will it actually work?

Seeking to answer these questions, we have set ourselves the task of providing quality legal resources about the Paris climate talks to the public, media, policy makers and politicians – both in New Zealand and abroad. Our focus is on deconstructing the draft negotiating text, as that will form the backbone for any climate agreement that comes out of Paris. In particular, we hope to make the wording of the text accessible to the public, outline the likely direction of the agreement and highlight where non-commital language is being used to avoid taking meaningful action on climate change.

It’s early days yet, but we in the coming weeks we will continue to add content, so that any weaknesses can be identified before December. So – watch this space!

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