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Deconstructing Paris is an independent group of law students, graduates and practitioners based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

This website, which we run in our spare time, has been developed to harness the growing interest on campus about tackling climate change from a legal and political standpoint. We see the approaching COP21 in Paris as a critical moment for climate progress and hope our critical analysis will spread awareness, highlight hidden issues, and promote a global agreement that reflects the seriousness of the issue. Deconstructing Paris is an open platform to anyone who is interested. Our team has grown to include members across New Zealand and the globe, and will be partnering with the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute delegation to COP21 in December. Click here to contact us.

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Will the climate change agreement negotiated in Paris actually work? We are a group of legal commentators analysing the draft text to show where work is needed. Read more about us here.

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