Revealed: warts - THIS is the truth!

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Warts, like most other skin diseases, are a result of the immune system reacting to invading bacteria. The warts are made of a secreted, sticky substance called melanin that covers the skin surface. The skin cells in the skin are constantly dividing and creating new cells. Every cell needs the melanin to survive and grow. If too much melanin is produced and the cells are destroyed, the skin loses its natural color and the skin becomes dark. This process of cell division continues until it stops. It is a vicious cycle of the immune system causing the cells to die. In the meantime, melanin is released in the bloodstream. This is how the warts appear. The skin is no longer a normal color, and it may be difficult to see. If there is no melanin to prevent the cells from dying, the skin may eventually be dark again. If you do find some kind of warts cream, be sure to use a non-comedogenic ingredient. If you find that your skin is getting darker, it may have developed the dark-colored skin in the first place. How to cure a wart How to treat a wart is simple.

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