Revealed: protein bars - THIS is the truth!

This page is dedicated to a particular brand that has a reputation as one of the best protein bars, and is the only one that I have reviewed in recent years. (There are many brands of protein bars, but this is the one I am recommending.) Here are a few things to keep in mind: The product contains an enormous amount of protein, with over 20g of protein per serving (about two bars). This is almost as much as your body requires every day. This means that a lot of it is available to you in your diet.

The protein in the product is not as soluble as the rest of the bar. This means that there will be very little chance for the protein to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is because there are some compounds (called peptides) in the protein that are too large for the small holes in the barrier to accommodate. (See the page on proteins for more on peptides.) This means that the protein will not be absorbed into the body in the amount that it should. If you have the protein bar, then the best way to avoid protein bar disease is to use it as a healthy source of protein.

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