The UNFCCC’s two ADP co-chairs released three documents yesterday to guide the negotiations in Bonn later this month. They are:

The new co-chairs non-paper has been considerably streamlined, and is about a quarter of the size of the previous one. This previous tool, released in July, primarily focused on form; dividing the provisions of the official draft negotiation text into a ‘draft Agreement’ (ie treaty with the core provisions) and draft COP decision (covering technical details and details likely to need updating). Even though it was not an official document, the August-September ADP negotiation session indicated that Parties were willing to work with this proposed format. Accordingly, October’s updated version of the document is a clear indicator of where the negotiating Parties are heading.

That said, it is by no means finalized. From 15 to 18 October, the Co-Chairs “intend to convene a series of bilateral meetings with negotiating groups, as well as with any interested Parties, with a view to seeking their views on and reactions to the non-paper” in order to adjust it as necessary before the Bonn meeting.

The scenario note also explains that the Co-Chairs will resolve discussions of negotiation procedure before the Bonn meeting, so that Parties can immediately proceed with substantive negotiations of the text.

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