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Section B of the Paris text covers Definitions.

In its draft state, the list of definitions is very short; but the final text will include “other definitions as needed.”

Included so far:

  • The “governing body”means the governing body of this agreement;
  • “Party” means a Party to this agreement;
  • “Emission reductions” means the sum of all reduced emissions and increased carbon stocks;
  •  “Convention” means the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change;

The following are included, but currently undefined:

  • “Subsidiary body”. A suggested definition, taken from UNFCC website is “a body established under the governing body to serve a defined purpose.”
  • “Present and voting”. A suggested definition, taken from elsewhere in the text, is t “Parties present and casting an affirmative or negative vote.”
  • Definitions surrounding the annexes to this agreement. This will be conditional on December’s negotiations and how the Parties decide to how to measure common but differentiated responsibilities.

“Other definitions as needed”?

Deconstructing Paris contributers have suggested the following terms be defined to assist with interpretation of the Paris text. Click the links to read a discussion for each term.


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